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The ins and out of Frontend and Backend Development

Web development is one of the most popular forms of software development. Web development covers any type of software or program that runs or interacts with the Internet. A website is the most common example of what web development produces. And then you have backend and frontend development as two distinct areas of web development that focus on different aspects of a web application. Let's go over the differences between frontend and backend development.


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Welcome to BuildHack and our new blog

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Hi everyone and welcome to BuildHack. In addition to our courses to help you learn how to code, we also have a new blog to go over other things to help you start a career as a software engineer. Some things that we'll be covering in the blog are what kind of jobs can you get, what should your LinkedIn/resume include to help your chances of being noticed, how to prepare for an interview and how to negotiate and pick the right job. In addition to helping you as you look for a job, we'll also discuss topics that are relevant to the industry and you should be aware of.

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