# Getting Started

Before we get started, we should figure out the why. In this case, the why I'm referring to is why do you want to become a software engineer, coder, programmer, hacker, code monkey, techie, etc.

There's lots of reasons why and the probably most popular reasons are for money or for more money. I'm mostly joking but most people I've met who want to learn how to write code are doing it for better opportunities and/or better job prospects. If you fall into this category, you're in good company and I definitely support people wanting to go in this direction.

And if you don't fall into this category, I'm still supportive because I think everyone should give programming a try. This doesn't mean everyone should become a software engineer but much like trying a new sport, you'll never know if you're good at something or enjoy something if you don't give it a try.

And depending on your why you're looking for different outcomes and you're going to have different levels of commitment.

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