New quiz feature added to lessons

Test your understanding of the material with a short quiz

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We introduced a new quiz feature at the end of each lesson. Just like the lessons themselves, we wanted something quick and efficient. The quiz will be a multiple choice question that will test your comprehension of the material. You'll look at some code and then answer a question about the code to make sure you understand the topic. This will be a good indication if you've understood the material and if you're ready to move on to the next section.

While a quiz might feel like homework or a test, try to think of it less like school and more like a real-world experience. As a software engineer, you're constantly reviewing code (yours and often times other people's). So this is less of "when will I ever need to know this" and more of a preview of what software engineers do everyday. The questions are also not meant to trick you, but will put your understanding to the test. We tried to find the balance between two easy (and therefore useless) and too hard (and also useless).

And we're still thinking about how to "test" your overall understanding and build something from scratch. This is the best way to test your understanding and give you real-world experience that would be as close to a real software engineering job as possible. You would be given a task to implement a complete program or maybe just a part of a program. After you've written the code, tests would be run to ensure the code does what it was intended to do. This is basically similar to real-world projects at any company. So in addition to the quizzes where you evaluate code, you'll write code as well.

As always, this is a work in progress, so if you have ideas or suggestions on how to improve this, please let us know.

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