Launchaco – Build a Free Responsive Website


Launchaco is a pretty amazing free tool to build a responsive website for your product, startup or business that I found over on Hacker News. It walks you through 4 steps that lets you customize your website and then provides you the HTML and CSS for your website. With the files, you can then upload them to your hosting provider and voila, you have a website. All it takes is walking through 4 steps:

Step 1: Select Hero Template

You have 6 different hero templates to pick from and for each one, you can customize things like the page title, hero text and sub-text, hero image, and call to action (button, email sign-up, Google Play link, App Store link).

Step 2: Select Feature Template

You can have multiple feature sections to showcase different things like products, services or anything else you want your visitors to read. Again, you have 6 differente templates to pick from and you can customize the text and pick from different images to use.

Step 3: Select Social Template

Next you have 6 different social templates where you can provide social proof of who uses your services, your top customers or customer testimonials.

Step 4: Select Footer Template

And lastly, you have your footer template and you have 6 different options to pick from. They range from super minimal (just a couple links and copyright text) to the full kitchen sink with a closing quote, sign-up/email links and social media links.

And once you’ve gone through all 4 steps, you’re done and you have a website that’s ready to launch. And you can skip any of the sections as well, so if you don’t have anything to feature (yet) you can just skip and move on project management tracking software. This isn’t the most feature-rich site but it’s a good starting point. And the best part is that you get a responsive site (great for mobile visitors) and you can organize your content and get Google to start indexing your site.