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DigitalOcean provides virtual private server hosting that is highly customizable with high availability at reasonable prices. Unlike other hosting providers that also provide shared hosting and dedicated hosting, DigitalOcean only provides virtual private servers which are referred to as droplets. A droplet is a resizable cloud server that comes in a number of configurations:

1 Core512MB20GB SSD$5
1 Core1GB30GB SSD$10
2 Core2GB40GB SSD$20
4 Core8GB80GB SSD$80
12 Core32GB320GB SSD$320
20 Core64GB640GB SSD$640

Some of the best features that come with DigitalOcean include:

Deploy in seconds – spin up a droplet in 55 seconds

SSD performance – all servers are equipped with SSDs

Highly available storage – attach multiple highly available volumes up to 16TB to a droplet

Fast network – each hypervisor has a 40Gbps network

Resize – scale your droplet’s resources up or down based on your usage

Backups and snapshots – enable automatic backups or take a snapshot at any time

Monitoring – keep track of your droplet’s bandwidth, disk and CPU levels

DigitalOcean has support for a number of different regions:

  • New York City
  • San Francisco
  • Toronto
  • London
  • Amsterdam
  • Frankfurt
  • Bangalore
  • Singapore

You can deploy a VPS to the region closest to your visitors in order to provide the best performance. In addition, you can setup a backup of your site in another region in order to have a spare site in case a region goes down.

Another big advantage to going with DigitalOcean is the number of one-click applications they provide. In less than 10 minutes, you can have any of the following applications up and running: Cassandra, Discourse, Django, Docker, Dokku, Drone, Drupal, Elixir, ELK, Ghost, GitLab, Horizon, Joomla, LAMP, LEMP, Magento, MEAN, MediaWiki, MongoDB, Node.js, ownCloud, Redis, Redmine, Ruby on Rails, WordPress.

And lastly, DigitalOcean is extremely developer-friendly. They do everything from provide extensive APIs so you can automate the creation and provisioning of droplets to hosting meetups so you can meet the team behind DigitalOcean. There is also an extensive community that includes user submitted questions, tutorials and projects that integrate with the DigitalOcean APIs.


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Average rating:  
 10 reviews
by Armando on DigitalOcean

I've been using DigitalOcean close to 2 years now. This company is great and all my problems are solved quickly so I highly recommend them.

by Alvin on DigitalOcean

I find DigitalOcean really nice, been using them for a while now hosting two websites and running a TeamSpeak server. Sadly we have been experiencing some down time on our TeamSpeak which is bit annoying.

by Tyke on DigitalOcean

Not bad, but I've used AWS and others and DigitalOcean is just okay

by Jonathan on DigitalOcean

My site is super fast since I switched to DigitalOcean and I decreased my costs from my previous VPS

by Marcus on DigitalOcean

Great web host for WordPress

by Anonymous on DigitalOcean

Been using DigitalOcean for over 3 years and nothing to complain about. Easy to get started and it just works.

by James on DigitalOcean

Happy customer here, 2 thumbs-up 🙂

by Bill on DigitalOcean

Happy so far

by Randy on DigitalOcean

Good price, good service and no issues so far

by Jake on DigitalOcean

After using a bunch of shared hosting providers, I can definitely say that DigitalOcean is the best hosting provider. If you're technical enough, go with a VPS from DigitalOcean and setup Dokku so you can have a Heroku-like platform to deploy anything you want. I have a number of WordPress sites and Node.js sites running on a $5 droplet.