Digital Garage Helps Small Businesses Build Digital Skills

Small Business Online MarketingDigital Garage is an online platform provided by Google to help small business owners develop digital skills such selling online, reaching more customers on social media and getting noticed online. Small business owners can sign up for specific courses and learn through video tutorials at their own pace. Whom better to learn from on how to optimize your online presence than the company that directs up to 50% of traffic on the Internet.

There are 23 topics currently available, some of the ones that I would recommend are:

Build your web presence
There’s more than one way to establish your home on the web. Understand your options and create an action plan to get online.

Get started with search
Discover how they work, why they’re important, how they’ll impact your business and why they are key to your online success.

Get noticed locally
Whether you’re a bricks- and- mortar shop or a localised service, find ways to use the web to reach customers nearby.

Get started with analytics
We’ll show you how to slice and dice data to answer real business questions, and to measure how you’re doing online.

And why are these things important to learn for small business owners? The testimonials are pretty compelling:

Adrian Simpson set up a basic website for his new speechwriting business and began advertising online through search.

Within 31 days, he’d sold 31 speeches.

And here’s another testimonial from across the pond:

Rachael’s Kitchen makes and delivers delicious cupcakes across the UK and Europe.

Since Rachael started marketing online, web sales have grown by 50%. She’s been able to take on new staff and to compete against much larger players.

And lastly, to show the value of understanding what your customers are doing on your website:

Cotswold Balloon Safaris runs hot air balloon flights over the picturesque Cotswolds countryside.

By analysing his web traffic, Captain Mike Jennings learned that his potential customers often browse at lunchtime and in the early evening. Now he targets them at those times.

So basically, more customers, more sales and more money – what’s not to like, right? But you still have to invest time which is a hard thing to come by when you’re running a business. So what should a small business owner expect? Here is how it works:

  1. Create a learning plan by picking courses that interest you
  2. Watch video tutorials and learn from other small business owners
  3. Start applying what you’ve learned on your own website
  4. Rinse and repeat – take more courses
  5. For bonus points, complete all the courses and get a certification 🙂

Again, this is a great opportunity for a small business owner to invest time and grow their business online.