Best Web Hosting for Small Business

If you’re a small business owner, you probably don’t want to spend time figuring out where to host your website. In fact, you probably want to spend as little time as possible and focus your time on other things like spending time with customers, optimizing other processes and attracting more customers. But on the other hand, your website could help you interact with more customers, be a new channel for sales and help acquire new customers. So, it’s basically a catch 22 and you have to get a website up and running but you still want to spend as little time as possible. So let’s look at your options:

Hosting ProviderBest ForMonthly Price
BlueHostGrowing Online Businesses$2.75
iPageLow Traffic Business Website$1.99
1 & 1Budget Conscious Business$0.99
FatCowFree Marketing Services$3.15
InMotionPremium Business Hosting$5.99

As a small business owner, you should focus on getting the minimal website up and running as quickly as possible. You want Google to start indexing your site and sending you traffic. You also want to start promoting your site on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Yelp, etc.). You want a website that answers the following basic questions:

  1. What is your company name?
  2. What do you sell?
  3. Where are you located?
  4. What time are you open?
  5. How do I contact you (email, phone, etc.)?

You’ll notice I didn’t mention questions like “Why should I buy from you?” or “How much does X cost?” – these are hard questions to answer and something important but doesn’t need to be a priority. Answer these questions after your site is up and running. Most people tend to overthink things and try to solve or answer too many problems/questions. This can lead to analysis paralysis and basically stall a project. Don’t let that happen to you.

As far as pricing, look for something inexpensive, but don’t go with something too budget. If it’s too cheap, you’ll regret things when your site goes down when you get a surge of traffic. And since you also want your site to load fast, you’ll want to make sure you’re on good hardware with enough bandwidth. Look at reviews and feedback from other customers – it should be easy to spot unreliable hosting.